How Much Does Fence Installation Cost?

When deciding to have a fence installed around your property, there are several factors you should consider before making a decision. One of these factors is the type of fencing you will be using. Wood, vinyl, or chain-link is a great choice for a privacy fence. If you live in a cold climate, then bamboo is probably not a good choice. Also, you should consider the type of property you have in mind before installing a fence.

Another thing to consider before hiring a Peterborough fence contractor is whether or not there are any buried utilities in the area. Knowing the location of buried utilities is important for any contractor, and you can use 811 to locate them. If you’re unsure, you can hire a land surveyor for $380 to $540. In addition to knowing the location of underground utilities, a land surveyor can provide you with an accurate estimate of the fence installation costs for your property.

The price for fence installation depends on the type of fence material and the size of the project. A fence can cost anywhere from $5 to $35 per linear foot. This price includes labor and can vary depending on the region. It will take anywhere from one to two hours to install a 150-foot fence. A good fence contractor will have an estimate available before he starts the job. And don’t forget the quality of the fence installation – the fence will last a long time.

The height of the fence you choose is a key factor in determining the cost. While a fence can be as tall as you wish, as long as it adheres to local building codes, it’s usually about four to eight feet tall. And the fence professionals can install any type of gate you want for the fence, including walk-through gates and more. The per-linear-foot costs for different fence materials are listed below. So, depending on the height and style of the fence, you’ll find that your budget will vary by as much as the amount of gates you want.

The slope of the property is another factor that affects the cost of a fence. For example, if there is a slight slope, it may be easiest to grade the land so that the fence line remains level. A significant change in terrain will require special measuring techniques and will add to the labor costs. In addition, if there are any obstructions on the land, you’ll need to include extra posts so the fence will be level. To find out more visit

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