A Handyman’s Guide to Deck Installation

A deck can be the perfect outdoor space to entertain guests or simply relax. There are many different materials you can use, from composite to natural wood. The best material for your particular situation is going to depend on the size and use of your deck. However, some of the most cost-effective materials for your deck are made from recycled products such as plastic.

The best deck construction materials are ones that are designed to withstand the elements. If you live in a harsh climate, you may want to consider installing a moisture shield. This type of material will help to prevent mold and mildew. Also, a concrete pad will help to keep your deck from sinking into the ground.

One of the most impressive things about a deck is its ability to increase the value of your home. The size, location, and design will all have a direct impact on the price of your new deck. A simple, plain deck is the most economical option, but a complex design with a variety of features can have a significant effect on the cost.

A deck is a great way to expand your living space and enhance the beauty of your home. A deck can have a range of uses, from serving as an entertainment area to providing a place to put your pool equipment. You can find a variety of deck styles, including a stairway, a railing, and even a raised section. You can also choose to have a balcony installed at the top of the deck. The best time to build a deck is during the warmer months.

The most important decision to make is what size deck you’ll need. A standard advice is to install a 12′ by 12′ deck, but you can also have a wider one. You should choose a layout that will provide room for a dining area as well as a seating area. A good design will have at least three feet of clearance on each side of the deck.

The most expensive aspect of a deck is the labor and material required to construct it. Generally, a contractor can charge $15 to $32 per square foot for the work. Some regions have restrictions on how close your deck can be to your home. You should check with your local government about any laws that apply to your area. You should also consider getting a permit to build your deck. Depending on your locale, you might have to carry bonding, as well.

Other considerations include selecting a good contractor. You should not only get a good price, but you should also look for a licensed contractor in your state. Having a licensed contractor will save you headaches down the road. In addition, you should ask about his or her general liability insurance. A reputable handyman company will have a good understanding of the major elements involved in a deck project. You should also ask about the quality of the materials used, as well as the workmanship of the contractor.

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